Ways to train outside the gym

Training at the gym is not for everyone.  Fortunately there are many ways that you can train outside the gym.  In this article I am going to show you some other ways in which you can work out and get fit without relying on the gym.

Outside cardio

cardio training on the wirral

I personally do all my cardio outside.  My complete cardio workout consists of a 1 mile run everyday, and football 4 times a week.  I am personally not a fan of running in the gym, as I prefer to feel the fresh air of nature.

Now you may not be able to play or even like football, but I am sure most of the people reading this can run.  I personally believe it to be both more beneficial and practical to run faster speeds shorter distances.

There have been a number of studies that have shown recently how much damage you can do to yourself when you run long distances such as 10km at a time, or marathon distance training.

Just getting out in nature is also a huge positive for anyone who is stuck inside an office all day.  Being outside and more connected to nature is great for your psyche, and gives many people a much needed change of scenery.  Again another study has found how beneficial this can really be. http://www.bbc.co.uk/earth/story/20160420-how-nature-is-good-for-our-health-and-happiness

A few of my clients find it a lot more comfortable to start off by doing a run with me alongside them helping them out.  This is great for a lot of people as it offers them privacy away from onlookers at the gym, allowing you to become more comfortable with running if that’s the stage your at.

There are some very scenic routes on the Wirral where you can run with a lot of privacy.  To see more on some of my favourite places to do outdoor activities see my article.


Wirral outdoor freeletics

Freeletics on the wirral

Freeletics is all about training outside, and relying heavily on calisthenics to complete your workout.  Calisthenics are exercises that let you work out without the reliance on any gym equipment.  I have both read about and seen great results come from this form of training.

Freeletics is also something that I offer one on one sessions for, where we get outside and train by using our imaginations, and some makeshift equipment.  Don’t underestimate training with just your own body weight rather than just using the gym, you can get truly shredded!

As we are not losing weights freeletics may not be able to offer you that beefed up look you may be looking for, but you can sure look good if you work at it hard enough.

Here is an example of an amazing transformation achieved by dedicating oneself to this unique sport. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGuItZpixAQ

Training from home

Training from home is a huge appeal to many people for many reasons.  The number one reason that my clients tell me that they enjoy training from home, is because of the privacy and comfort they feel in a home environment.

I am not going to go into too much detail here about training from home as I have a more detailed article on the pros and cons here.  Nevertheless, if you are a newbie and feel that self conscience thoughts are getting in the way of joining a gym, well then I highly recommend you consider training from home as a possible option.


personal training and socialising

Working out and socialising

There are some really fun and imaginative groups on meetup.com that can offer you a way into getting fit and working out, especially if you’re a newbie to exercise.  Meetup.com is a website that allows anyone to create a group, which people can then join for free and partake in activities together.

I have seen some really interesting groups that include hiking, freestyling, watersports and even quidditch if that’s your type of thing!

Not only is meetup.com a free way to get involved in exercise groups, it also give you a chance to make some great friends as well.

This brings me nicely onto one of the core principles that I believe is essential to success in leading a healthy lifestyle.

And that is simply enjoying what you are doing.  So if you are going for a run with a group of people you get on with and like chatting to, you are much more likely to stick this activity longer term, which will help you to keep up with your new healthy lifestyle longer term.

Finding a way to make exercise fun is something that you should be aiming for as your number one priority.  Once you have something you enjoy, it will be much easier for you to stay on track.  And if you cant really find any groups you like, well then don’t worry as it is my aim to try and make your workouts as enjoyable as possible by tailoring them to what you like best.

Summing it up

As you can see there are many ways you can get fit by doing exercise outside the gym.  If you fancy taking me up on any of the activites I have mentioned in this article don’t hesitate to suggest something, and I will get back to you in more detail about what might work for you.

A very common request I get is to run with people outside of the gym at a pace and on a route that offers privacy and is both enjoyable and comfortable for you.  As I mentioned earlier the Wirral has got a lot of good potential routes that you have probably never heard of.

So if your looking for something a bit different to the gym just let me know by signing up in the box below.  I have very little space available at the moment, as I have recently had an influx of people wanting to train with me.  So let me know as soon as you can otherwise I may not have space for you, cheers.