Places to run on the Wirral

In this article I will list some scenic places that are great for running and are all on the Wirral!  These are a few of my favourite places to run, that I would like to share with you.

Parkgate the promenade

Parkgate offers a wonderful view over the dee estuary looking out to wales.  You can run from the top of the promenade just off the Wirral way, all the way down to the old quay, where you may enjoy a drink in their splendid beer garden, or perhaps a carvery!

As you run along the promenade, be sure to look out for the huge black and white building formerly known as Mostyn house, which has now sadly been converted into fashionable apartments.  If you so happen to be a fan of bird watching you could well be in for a treat, as parkgate is a hub for bird watchers, who visit from far and wide.

At the end of your run why not treat yourself to an ice cream at the famous Nicholls ice cream shop, where people can regularly be seen queuing outside the door.  Don’t get too greedy though as your not running that far!

This run is a mile in distance, and has a tarmac terrain.  I would not recommend running any time after 9am as it starts to get too busy, especially at the height of summer.  If you can get up even earlier and run during sunrise this becomes truly one of the most beautiful routes you can find on the Wirral.

The wirral taken from a drone

The promenade aerial view

Hoylake/West kirby

Hoylake boasts the Liverpool golf club, its own Mersey rail train station and plenty of fashionable restaurants.  West Kirby is one of the most affluent parts of the Wirral, offering the number 1 spot for water sports in its marina.

I know of two routes that I am sure you would enjoy.  Both begin at the beautiful West Kirby marina, that is one of the best places on the Wirral for people to practice water sports.  Once you have taken in the marina you can then either head on towards Leasowe or Hoylake.

The Hoylake route will offer you a chance to run past the prestigious royal Liverpool golf club, which famously in recent years has hosted the British open.  The run ends with an ocean view as you run along the beach.

Wirral lake

Picturesque West kirby marina

Now for those who have never run along the beach be prepared it is a bit harder on your body, but in my opinion definitely worth it from both the scenic advantage of the run and the sense of achievement once you have finished.

The other route is towards Leasowe which will take you along west kirbys promenade which overlooks west Kirby beach.  Before you move off tarmac onto a costal road towards Leaswoe.

As you approach Leasowe you will pass a light house that is an unusual sight.  Your next landmark will be Leaswoe castle which is a spectacular venue where many functions are held including weddings and parties.

Your final destination on this route will be Leaswoe golf course, which rivals the royal Liverpool in how well kept and highly thought it is by locals who enjoy their golf.



Caldy is another beautiful part of the Wirral boasting the Caldy rugby club, but perhaps most famously the home of both ex Liverpool players Robbie fowler and manager Rafael Benitez.

Wirrals scenic routes

Caldy hills on the wirral

I have chosen Caldy as it offers a route that has an unusual terrain containing lots of hills and a soft mud path that is kind on the joints!  This route takes you high up onto what are known as ‘The Caldy hills’, offering a beautiful view overlooking the ruby club.

If you fancy a more unusual terrain that combines a softer surface to run on whilst offering a scenic route, the Caldy hills provide all of this for you.

As Caldy lies in between Parkgate and Hoylake you can incorporate this route into a run via the Wirral way if you enjoy longer runs.  You can run a distance of 10 miles from Parkgate to Hoylake, and run through Caldy on route.

Or if you want a shorter run you can run around the hills which will offer you approximately a 1 mile route.  However far you want to run the Caldy hills is a place of natural beauty not to miss out on.

Summing it up

Keep in mind that these are just a few of many routes across the Wirral.  Motivating yourself to run is not always easy especially if your just starting out.  So making your runs are as enjoyable as possible is one way of getting yourself out the house, and making sure you do them.

I am always happy to introduce new runs to people who are looking for something new.  So if any of these routes appeal to you why not give it a go with an introductory session to get you started whatever your level!

If you have any good ideas for different routes across the Wirral, please do leave a comment in the box below, as the more we share our ideas the greater the benefit will be for everyone.